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Coming Home
Coming Home
Mommy and Me
Lady Liberty
In Tristen's Garden
Crouching Tiger
Ronald Hunt
Touchstone Squirrel
Why Can't I Fly?
In the Eye of the Beholder
Lower Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Tree
Senior Moments
Elise's Backdrop What is this?
Why? He was a normal kid like me! And you gotta love a kid who's got a blue friend, a blue dog and a girlfriend that always wears polka dots!
Why? They're cute and cuddly and don't hurt anyone... on purpose. They're also strangely rolley polley and chew on bamboo all day... what a life :)
How? We were four and in preschool. I remember he kissed me on the cheek by the tricycles. I think he was my boyfriend... or I was a sandbox floozie. Any-hoo, we became good friends later on in life and he said he didn't remember anything about it.

...he said, she said...
Why? Aside from it having a cute and cuddly panda as the main character, it was about self acceptance. Po was the dragon warrior simply because he was himself. He didn't try to be anything else... just the best panda he could be, and he was special because of that.
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Michelle Carino said: (on Jun 3, 2009)
ohh it all makes sense now. so i answered a few questions and i'll put up some creations later. i'm alright... getting over being sick and taking summer school and working. boo. how have you been woman?
Michelle Carino said: (on Jun 2, 2009)
what is this site?
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